4 Jazz Replacements for Kris Dunn after impending free agent departure

The Jazz unsurprisingly lost Dunn to the Clippers (however that may happen), which begs the question of who they could add to fill his shoes.
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Saddiq Bey: Last played for Atlanta

Bey is on the younger side at 25 years old. As an unrestricted free agent, Bey would be worth taking a flyer on, much like the flyer the Jazz took on Dunn. The only problem? He'll miss most, if not all, of the 2024-25 season because of a torn ACL.

As long as they sign him to a two-year deal, that is a risk worth taking. Bey has proven that he has some NBA-caliber skills. He could very well prove to be a dependable wing in the Jazz's rotation. Since he's coming off an ACL tear, he will likely come cheap since his injury will severely limit his market.

He has proven himself as a solid rebounder and floor-spacer for his size albeit not consistently. In a pressure-free environment like Utah, he could get his career back on track. If Utah is willing to play the long game with him, they could get a better return on investment than they did with Dunn.