4 Jazz Replacements for Kris Dunn after impending free agent departure

The Jazz unsurprisingly lost Dunn to the Clippers (however that may happen), which begs the question of who they could add to fill his shoes.
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Patrick Beverley: Last played for Milwaukee

Please don't laugh at this... for too long at least. Yeah, Beverley is a funny suggestion, and that's not just because of his reputation around the NBA. For those who don't remember, the Jazz once had Beverley on their roster before they traded him to the Lakers for Talen Horton-Tucker.

On paper, Beverley brings some of the attributes that Dunn brought: hard-nosed defense with some offensive finesse. And, of course, he is a tone-setter. He brings a sense of nastiness. The Jazz may not be in the position to win, but they could benefit long-term from having someone who can get really down and dirty.

Beverley's approach to the game has, at times, been grating to some of his previous teams. However, if the Jazz want someone who could do a lot of what Dunn could and at a cheap price, Beverley would be their guy.