4 Jazz Replacements for Kris Dunn after impending free agent departure

The Jazz unsurprisingly lost Dunn to the Clippers (however that may happen), which begs the question of who they could add to fill his shoes.
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Not many expected Kris Dunn to return to the Utah Jazz after his brief stint with the team. That's not to say Dunn wasn't productive in Utah because, for what it's worth, he was. In fact, Dunn was a fun success story to watch in Utah, even if it didn't lead to much.

The former No. 5 pick had one foot out of the NBA before the Jazz signed him, and he played well enough that he was taken off the board by a team hoping to win a title (as unlikely as that might be now for the Clippers at this point). All that's left is getting his replacement—that is if they want one.

Replacing Dunn doesn't necessarily mean finding a free agent with a similar skillset, though one would be nice. In this case, a replacement can be someone who's had the same story as Dunn, i.e., a former first-round pick who struggled to find his place after not meeting expectations only to finally find his niche with the Jazz.

The truth is, there are no carbon copies of Kris Dunn out there, but there are players out there who bring certain elements that he once brought. That goes beyond his skillset as a player.