4 Former Utah Jazz players the team can re-sign this summer

The Utah Jazz may want to look to the past to improve their future.
Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz
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Gordon Hayward

We're still not sure why Gordon Hayward got traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder if they had no intention of using his unique skillset. Hayward is one of the few forwards who can score, rebound, and pass with the best of them, and he's essentially become just an end-of-the-bench type role player for the Thunder.

In Oklahoma City, he's lost in the shuffle. In Utah, he'd likely be the team's new sixth man, replacing Jordan Clarkson, or even starting depending on how the hunt for major names ends up going. Hayward's ability to shoot and pass would give most NBA teams the type of player they've been looking for, but for the Jazz, they'd be getting a player that they absolutely need.

The Jazz need a guy who can score from the perimeter (41% for the season), while not being terrible on defense. Hayward's not great on defense, but compared to the Jazz's current roster, he'd be a marketed improvement over much of what the Jazz currently have.

He is older and his ability to play a full season is in doubt but if he comes in at the right price, then the Utah Jazz would be foolish to not bring him aboard.