3 veteran bench players the Utah Jazz should consider signing

The Utah Jazz would be wise to consider picking up these three veteran bench players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Andre Drummond

Who would've thought we'd end up here? Andre Drummond is one of those guys that fans are surprised are still in the league to this day. Peaking with the Detroit Pistons in 2017-2018, Drummond has been one of the last remnants of an NBA. A purely inside player in today's NBA, Drummond isn't going to be a huge impact player for a team anymore. He's just too one-dimensional.

Yet, Drummond can do something really well that the Jazz will need with all of these new three-point shooters we're recommending the team go get; rebound. Despite playing just 17 minutes a night, Drummond still put up 8.4 points and a whopping 9.0 rebounds per game. The Jazz need a backup center, assuming Walker Kessler is going into 2024-2025 as the starter at the position. And if that is the case, then the Jazz are going to need to have a guy like Drummond on the roster.

Omer Yurtseven played admirably, but Drummond is far better as a backup player behind Kessler than Yurtseven, not to m ention Drummond is better defensively too. He's not All Defense levels of good, but he can average a block or so in-game, so you're really getting a lot of bang for your buck with just 17 minutes of action. And at just 31 years old, he's far from washed up.