3 veteran bench players the Utah Jazz should consider signing

The Utah Jazz would be wise to consider picking up these three veteran bench players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Robert Covington

Robert Covington wasn't what he once was. As he's pushing into his mid-30s, the soon-to-be free agent could give the Utah Jazz a unique presence on the perimeter. In his heyday, he was the prototypical three-and-D type of player. A guy who can square up on the three-point line and hit a steady supply of three-point shots, while also going back in transition to playing solid defense.

He's no longer able to do that for 35 minutes per game, at least we don't think he can, but if his 2023-2024 season is any indication, he can still do it to a degree. He played less than 20 minutes this season per game and only averaged four points per game, but he still shot 35.4% from behind the three-point line, while also posting a defensive box plus-minus of +3.2 for the season and +4.5 when he was on the LA Clippers.

Covington can still play well, he just can't be the guy he used to be a few years back when he was seen as some team's third-best player. Covington would come off the bench for the Utah Jazz, but that's the type of player the Jazz are going to need to get to the playoffs.