3 veteran bench players the Utah Jazz should consider signing

The Utah Jazz would be wise to consider picking up these three veteran bench players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Doug McDermott

The two thing the Utah Jazz needs more than anything is perimeter play. They need guys who can shoot threes and guys who can defend the perimeter from good ball-handlers and better shooters. You're not going to find guys who can do everything, but you can find some guys who can do some of those things. In this case, one of those things.

Doug McDermott is not a good defender, so he'll fit right in with this Utah Jazz squad. So adding McDermott won't make the Jazz better defensively, but what he can do is make the Jazz better on the perimeter offensively. He'd only have 15-20 minutes a game, but McDermott would give the Jazz a career 41%.

Not only a career 41% shooter, but a player who was never really that athletic in the first place, so he won't really drop off too hard the older he gets. He'll be 32 to start the season, but he'll be 33 by the end of it, so if you give him a two-year contract, you'll be able to get a player who can stretch the court for you and give you a reliable three-point shooter, which is something the Jazz desperately needs.