3 veteran bench players the Utah Jazz should consider signing

The Utah Jazz would be wise to consider picking up these three veteran bench players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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The Utah Jazz are talking about trying to land a major player or two this offseason so that the team can finally be a legitimate playoff team. The Jazz, nearly made the play-in tournaments the last two years before Danny Ainge and company opted to trade away huge chunks of your roster for minimal draft compensation.

It was a hard pill for the team as a whole to swallow, with Lauri Markkanen going on the record saying he wasn't happy with the trades. Yet, for the fans, it was even harder to deal with. Many fans voiced their issues online about the start-stop nature of the Jazz's competitive mentality.

One minute they're trying to win, the next they're trading away key players that make this team better and then finding "injuries" so they can bench the rest. Some fans were ok with this tanking mentality but most of the fandom is upset that the front office kneecapped two competitive teams all for the sake of more draft picks.

If it pays off, and the Utah Jazz can turn those former rookies, current draft picks, future draft picks, and a select few players into two All-Stars, then it will have all been worth it. Yet, if it doesn't go their way...yikes. We're hoping it goes their way, however.

And since we're expecting some big names to be in Salt Lake City this summer, we came up with a list of potential players who can help the team succeed next year by coming off the bench for a playoff contender.