3 Utah Jazz players who should not be back next season

It's time to move on from these three players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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Omer Yurtseven

You'd think a guy who's 7' tall and 270 lbs would be a more imposing force in the paint, but sadly for Omer Yurtseven, he is not. Slow of foot is bad enough but to then not be physical? Yikes. Yurtseven really isn't the type to want to bang around down low. For all the complaints John Collins gets, he's at least willing to throw hips and elbows into people. Yurtseven hardly does that.

What makes Yurtseven's time on the Jazz hopefully short-lived is his lack of mobility. He's big and heavy, but he's slow. He's not in position a lot of times and he's a liability if the Jazz need to run in transition. That's something we don't give Walker Kessler enough love for, be it on offense or defense, Kessler hauls butt down the court.

Kessler should be the starter next season, which means we'll need another center on the bench to give him some breaks. The guy who subs in for Kessler needs to move better than Yurtseven. It's really the biggest reason why the Jazz need to move on from Yurtseven. He's just not quick enough to play winning defense.