3 Utah Jazz players who should not be back next season

It's time to move on from these three players.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
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The Utah Jazz need to overhaul their roster this offseason. We've already talked about the three players we don't expect back next season, and you can read about those players here. Today, we're looking at three players that shouldn't be back.

The prior three were all guys who were either too old, or on expiring contracts, none of whom were guys that made sense to bring back. These three guys could realistically come back next season, but we really do not want them to.

After all, the Jazz are not a good team and while some of the roster just needs time to grow, some of the roster just needs to go. Guys who can't play defense, or hit a jumper shouldn't be on the team any longer, especially when they're key pieces of the team's game plan night tonight. Other guys have proven to just not be that good at the thing they were brought in to do. When you can't fill in for others, there's really no point in keeping you on the roster long-term.

Then you have the guys who just don't have anything to offer but are a failed draft pick who happens to be young enough so some people think he can be saved still. Those are the types of guys the Utah Jazz don't need to be investing in anymore.

It's time to actually build up the roster and fortify it with legitimate players who can actually make this team better.