3 under the radar players the Utah Jazz should be keeping an eye on

The Utah Jazz may not be a destination for the biggest free agents but these three players could make a difference.
Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz
Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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The Utah Jazz are in a very unique position right now. They're capable of cashing in on all of their picks this offseason and landing some major names, or cashing out and going full into a tank. The fact that they have so many options, nearly an endless amount, has left people unsure what direction they're going to go in.

They could opt to trade away some guys like Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, and others, or they could look to add some guys. It's not entirely clear what direction they're going to go, so instead of trying to figure that out for that article, we found a few players that may make sense for the Jazz to pursue regardless of the direction the team is going.

For a couple of the names, they're going to serve as hypothetical replacements for guys that the team may trade or give up on. While another will be an obvious candidate to add to the team to better boost the squad's ability to win now. The hope is that these trades make the Jazz better and faster, even if it means replacing and swapping out some players we really like.

These aren't the only three players we're hoping the Jazz keep an eye on, but they are three of the ones we think are the most realistic for them to go in on this offseason. They aren't all perfect, but they all provide something to the Jazz that they could seriously benefit from having.