3 things Utah Jazz fans can look forward to for the remainder of the season

The Utah Jazz fandom at least have these things to look out for.
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
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Rookie Development

The development of the three rookies will be the primary focus for the rest of the season. The Utah Jazz are dedicated to getting Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George (and hopefully) Brice Sensabaugh minutes this season to see what they can be. No player, aside from maybe Lauri Markkanen, should be seen as "untouchable" in future trades, including the trio of rookies, but the last 20+ games will likely give us an idea of what they can be, at least in the interim.

The development of these three will be fun to watch, specifically if all three get on the court at the same time. It may not be pretty should that happen but it may be exciting. All three have major holes to work on, however. George needs more efficient shooting and to play better defense, while Hendricks just needs to be more aggressive, while working on his shooting technique. For Sensabaugh, it simply comes down to maximizing the opportunities he's given, while also upping his three-point accuracy. He's a potential 3-and-D player, but if he wants minutes he's got to hit his shots.