3 things to watch over the Utah Jazz's last 10 games

The Utah Jazz have 10 games left to play this season, and here's three things we're keeping an eye on.

Mar 25, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) looks to pass the
Mar 25, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) looks to pass the / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The season is winding down for the Utah Jazz, and in 10 games, the focus will shift solely to the offseason. That means talking draft, trades, free agents, new contracts, turnover, and more. It'll be a wild time for sure, but until then we still have 10 more games to slog through. It's been rough as of late, as the team isn't even putting in the effort needed to try and win, and so it's leading to fans suffering through some pretty awful basketball.

So instead of looking at the action, or at time slack thereof, on the court, we're instead going to look at some reasons fans should watch the remaining games beyond the results at the end.

Will Lauri Markkanen and Jordan Clarkson play many more games?

Lauri Markkanen and Jordan Clarkson aren't likely to play that much more this season. Markkanen is too good to keep playing games if the Utah Jazz want to lose, and Clarkson's value is all but shot to heck due to his poor play this season. It's very likely that Clarkson gets traded this offseason, and if Markkanen is truly as unhappy as he seems to be, he may want out too. This is something the Jazz have to factor in as they make up their plan to close out the season.

What are the young players going to do?

A strong ending to a season could give a player unexpected hype heading into the off-season and subsequent next season. The Jazz have a few guys who need to have monster games to close out the season, that way they can at least have some hype around them as the next year starts. So far the trio of rookies have been inconsistent and Walker Kessler remains in the dog house despite playing well when allowed to. These young players, among others, have a chance to rewrite the narrative around them as the season comes to a close.

Will the team hit 30 wins this season?

At 29 wins, it seems unlikely they hit 30 wins with how bad they're playing, but they do have 10 chances to do so, and it'd be truly shocking and awful if they weren't able to break the 30-win barrier despite the team's current circumstances.