3 stars the Jazz could acquire to entice Paul George to join the team

Jake Fischer reported that the Jazz want to add stars around Lauri Markkanen to sway George to join the team, but which stars could they realistically go after in this scenario?
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Trae Young - Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

With Murray out of the picture in Atlanta, all eyes will be on if Young will be next. The Hawks had the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, which was considered pretty weak, but it raises the question as to whether Young will stay with the Hawks.

Outside of their Cinderella playoff run in 2021, Young and the Hawks have not accomplished much since they drafted him in 2018. However, Young has proven that he is one of the league's finest offensive creators. The defense leaves something to be desired, but it will always be that way. As long as the Jazz build accordingly around him, his addition could revolutionize their overall offense.

Young is a heliocentric creator, but having him run the offense with George and Markkanen takes a lot of pressure off of them on that end of the floor. The only conundrum is that the Hawks are hesitant to embrace the rebuild knowing what they owe the Spurs.

If the Spurs are willing to do something similar to what the Rockets did for the Nets when they traded Mikal Bridges, maybe the Hawks would be a little more comfortable trading with the Jazz.