3 reasons why Keyonte George should not be the Utah Jazz's starting point guard next season

The Utah Jazz need not go-in on Keyonte George for the 2024-2025 season.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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His defense is among the leagues' worst

George was bad on offense, but he was worse on defense. He was not able to do much of anything defensively and was actively hindering his teammates around him. Going back to SCL Dunk, they cite him as being ranked in the 11th percentile of iso-defenders, which means 89% of the NBA guards the iso ball better than he does.

He's in just the 34th percentile of all pick-and-roll defenders, and as SLC Dunk goes on to confirm, he has a D-LeBRON of just -1.87. If advanced metrics aren't your thing, how about this; George has the highest defensive rating in the NBA at 124.0 according to StatMuse. League worse.

The higher the rating, the more points you're responsible for. A good thing offensively, a bad thing defensively. This paints a not-so-pretty picture of the George Apologists that are out there. He's not only not good on offense, but he's actively holding everyone back on defense. Again, this is not an indignation on him as a potential player, it's merely a statement of fact.

Right now, the Utah Jazz can not afford to play George significant minutes and win. They need to shift their focus and do something different in the immediate future.