3 reasons why Keyonte George should not be the Utah Jazz's starting point guard next season

The Utah Jazz need not go-in on Keyonte George for the 2024-2025 season.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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It's far too early in the conversation to say that Keyonte George has no value for the Utah Jazz. It's very possible that he does, he may just need time to develop. It's certainly possible, but let's not pretend that what we saw from George in his rookie season gave us much hope for his improvement. He has a long, and I mean a long way to go before he's an actual starting caliber point guard.

Because make no mistake about it, despite what you may think, he wasn't starting for the Utah Jazz during the 2023-2024 campaign because he was the best option for victory. He was merely eating minutes and showing what he could provide. And what he can provide is, at this exact moment, severely lacking.

It'll be the wrong call if the Utah Jazz just assume he's the starter for next season. At least if the goal is to actually win. If the Utah Jazz re-sign Lauri Markkanen this offseason, and George is penciled in as the starting point guard, things are not going to go well in the state of Utah. This is by no means an indication that the team should give up on him, but the team shouldn't bank their immediate future success on him either.

George has a lot of holes in his game and it's imperative that the Utah Jazz look at their point guard position as a position of need in the 2024 NBA Draft, free agency, and the trade market. Don't agree? Well, let's look at three big issues with George that can't be debated.