3 reasons Keyonte George's rising turnovers count isn't something to worry about

Keyonte George has started turning over the ball more, but that's not something to worry about just yet.
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Keyonte George is doing his best as the current starting point guard for the Utah Jazz. Let's be clear about that, while we can say some guys aren't giving their best effort, that's not the case for George. He may often be dropping off a defender too much or out of place on a specific play, but that has more to do with inexperience than with a lack of effort.

Still, just because he's trying doesn't mean that he's playing well, because he's not. He's an inefficient score, a poor defender and unfortunately has now become a bad passer. His passing has been one of the most impressive things about his run so far, but in March, he's fallen apart some in that area.

In January he averaged 1.6 turnovers a game, a wildly good number. In February he lept a bit to 2.3 turnovers per game. Not great, but acceptable for a rookie. However, in March, he's completely fallen apart and is averaging nearly four (3.6) turnovers a game. You may not think this is a big deal but even outlets like the Desert News have noticed this issue, so why has he fallen apart?

Well, we have some theories, and for you George fans, these will help keep you from losing hope in him.

Doing more of the work

George is playing more and more minutes at point guard as the season goes on. In January he was playing just under 23 minutes, in February he was slightly over 30 minutes and now he's up to 32 minutes per game. The increased workload on its own isn't the issue, necessarily but considering that Jordan Clarkson has been less involved over that time period has not helped things. George is taking on more of the workload as the primary point guard, and as he's still learning, mistakes are bound to happen.

Energy running out

The more and more you watch the Utah Jazz at this point of the season, the more and more you notice that fatigue is taking hold. Lauri Markkanen sloppily charged the paint a few times against the San Antonio Spurs, clearly just looking to make a play with whatever effort he could muster. George, not too dissimilar. The season does take a toll and George is running out of energy quicker and quicker as the season comes to an end. That's not unexpected, as you have to learn to condition yourself for a full season. It's one of the reasons guys who are still producing retire early, they can't keep up the conditioning necessary to play beyond a certain point.

Playing with subpar talents

Let's be honest, some of the guys running with George aren't on his level. Before the trade deadline, it was fair to say that George was arguably the worst player on the team getting significant minutes. He's now smack dab in the middle of that list as other guys have gotten minutes post-deadline. He's passing a lot of stuff to guys who can't hit a shot, so there's likely a subconscious effort on his end to force the ball to better players, even if they're not the most open. These are things that can be fixed with better talent around him and some good coaching.