3 players that Jazz fans should watch for in the NCAA Tournament

With March Madness starting this week, Jazz fans should make an effort to watch for these potential lottery picks.

Dalton Knecht fires a jumper against Alabama
Dalton Knecht fires a jumper against Alabama / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages
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Donovan Clingan. Donovan Clingan. 2. Donovan Clingan. player. . . 7'2" Center, Projected 6-15. . 892

Donovan Clingan
Donovan Clingan celebrates Uconn's Big East Tournament win / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The reigning champs have several draft lottery prospects, but I'm most intrigued by Clingan's potential in the NBA. He certainly has NBA size and frequently makes his defenders look like children trying to guard their middle-aged uncles backing them into the paint.

Donovan Clingan began receiving NBA buzz during UConn's championship run last season. While coming off the bench, Clingan's unique blend of size, strength, and athleticism could provide tremendous value to NBA teams and give him a very high floor. Clingan is an elite rim protector who uses his 7'7" wingspan very effectively, and a very capable inside scorer. He may be a bit redundant with Walker Kessler ahead of him in the lineup, but Utah certainly wouldn't be worse off with more rim protection. In Bleacher Report's mock draft, they outlined what he would bring to the team that drafts him.

"There may be sexier picks with more modernized skills or compelling archetypes, but with Donovan Clingan, teams know what they're getting [...] he's going to instantly improve a team's rim protection, alter decisions in the paint and prevent second-chance points."

Bleacher Report

Like many players of his size, he struggles with outside shooting and almost never steps beyond the 3-point line. He is also incapable of reliably hitting free throws and can become a liability if opposing defenses apply a hacking strategy to keep him out of the post and on the line. His shooting touch needs to improve if he wants to be a reliable starting-level center in the NBA, and injury concerns are present for any player of his size. Keep an eye out for him in the tournament, as UConn has goals of repeating as national champion.