3 players that are definitely not coming back next year for the Utah Jazz

It's time to say goodbye to these three players for good.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Talen Horton-Tucker

It's fair to say that Talen Horton-Tucker has worn out his spot with the Utah Jazz. A fine young man, by all accounts, and a player who has never taken a playoff, or so it would seen. He's a fine defender and a hard worker, but there are nights where he's taking shots like he's prime basketball Michael Jordan but finding as much success as minor league baseball Michael Jordan.

Horton-Tucker offers up nothing to the Utah Jazz at this point in their respective seasons. The Jazz need help on defense, and Horton-Tucker while a fine defender, isn't good enough to get minutes with the Jazz. After all, as good as Horton-Tucker may be on defense, he's even worse on offense. He's not someone that defenses need to key on (39.5% from the floor), and due to that, he actively makes other players around him suffer on offense.

He could be a good defender off the bench for a better team. The Jazz need better two-way players, which they just don't have. Trying to have Horton-Tucker be that guy when he doesn't actively make the defense better, while actively making the offense worse is just an exercise in futility.