3 players from the Miami Heat we want to see on the Utah Jazz next season

The Jazz could benefit from these 3 players
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Tyler Herro, Jayson Tatum
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Tyler Herro - Guard

Okay, now we're to the biggie.

This move is closer to the 'big game hunting' that Danny Ainge spoke of recently. Herro would be a huge get for the Jazz and solve some backcourt issues they had in the 2023-24 season - namely consistent scoring and better playmaking.

While Herro isn't a pure point guard, he has been effective in Miami on and off the ball. He's a consistent 20 ppg scorer on the move, looking to catch. shoot and slash to the basket.

Pairing him with Lauri Markkanen would be a massive win for the Jazz, helping them rise out of the lottery and get back into playoff contention.

Herro wouldn't come cheap. It would take multiple first-rounders, with light or no protection, plus a veteran like Jordan Clarkson/John Collins/Collin Sexton to make it happen. But this deal would restock the Miami draft cache, allowing more moves now, or preparation for the next Heat era in the coming years, and that's the kind of deal Riley is known for over the last 25+ years in Miami.

3-pointThe Jazz would have a team with two young stars in Markkanen and Herro, plus Walker Kessler, Keyonte George, and Taylor Hendricks, to build around. 4 of those are capable 3-point shooters, keeping in line with the modern NBA pace-and-space offensive style.

Some might look at this as a long-shot idea. However, it's not out of the question since Herro has been in trade rumors for the past few years. He's the most movable asset Miami has besides Adebayo, and they have shown the ability to win without him, reaching the NBA Finals a year ago. So the Jazz have a chance.

The Jazz have a long offseason of decisions, with 3 draft picks to make and 10 players under contract, who may or may not last until the 2024-25 season. Will they make moves to continue to the bottom of the NBA? Or will they start moving upward into the playoff hunt? Only time will tell.