3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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Houston Rockets

Reggie Bullock

When we talk about the Utah Jazz's needs, someone like Reggie Bullock may be able to provide a lot of help on a cheap trade. He's not a huge offensive weapon, but he can play defense still and his three-point shooting hasn't fallen off. He's shooting just shy of 40% for the year and could be a nice bench piece for a team like the Utah Jazz.

Jeff Green

The Jazz could use a lot more "oomph" on defense, especially in the low post. Jeff Green can give you that. Not much else, granted, but he can give you a body to throw in the paint, detour some guys charging the lane, and give you six fouls to use. Plus he's a veteran that has hung around this long for a reason. He's still very useful despite his age.

Jock Landale

When we talk about the perfect trade, it's not always a game-changer. Jock Landale isn't a huge force on offense, but what the Jazz need is someone who can play off the bench and give Walker Kessler the ability to play more minutes without worrying about tiring him out. Landale can give you that.