3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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Golden State Warriors

Chris Paul

It may not seem like the best idea to go after Chris Paul, but he's still shooting well, he's just not shooting often. It's hard to say his defense has fallen off, only because of how bad the Warriors have been on defense. If he were to be a more featured player, his scoring would likely get bumped up. He's still a great passer, so he'd have some value there for the Jazz as well.

Brandin Podziemski

Most of the guys on this list are older guys who can help a squad in the short term. Guys you'd get with picks or young players. Brandin Podziemski is someone you get back for a Jordan Clarkson type. If the Warriors are looking to upgrade their roster, this is a key player the Jazz should target in any deal.

Dario Saric

Not a sexy pick by any means, but Dario Saric can score, rebound, pass, and play defense. He's not a star but he's a big reason why a team would be better in the playoffs.