3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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Chicago Bulls

Alex Caruso

When we talk about good defensive point guards, you don't get better than Alex Caruso. Easily the prize of the Chicago Bulls for the Utah Jazz, Caruso would give the Jazz the perfect third guard. Either off the bench or in the starting lineup, it doesn't get much better than him. He's having his best season of his career, putting up 10.5 points, while shooting 49% from the floor and 41% from three. Caruso makes the Jazz a whole new team.

DeMar DeRozan

If we're looking at upgrades at the forward spot, DeMar DeRozan can be that guy, for now. He's going to turn 35 soon, and he's on an expiring deal but he may be someone the Jazz can get on the cheap all things considered. How he'd impact the offense, as a ball-dominant scorer, would need to be considered, however. He's not a number one option and he may demand the ball like he still is. That's a concern that needs to be kept in mind.

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond isn't the perfect player by any means, but he can play some decent defense and he's still a magnificent rebounder. A nice 15-20 minute guy off the bench to spell Walker Kessler.