3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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Washington Wizards

Deni Avdija

We've mentioned Deni Avdija before, a solid point-forward wing, who can score when needed, pass whenever he wants, and play solid defense. You aren't getting a killer three-point shooter with Avidja, but you are getting someone who can make a difference on both ends of the court and that's in rare supply these days.

Tyus Jones

If you really want to move on from Kris Dunn, and I hope that's not the case, Tyus Jones can be that guy. He's solid enough on defense to pair next to Collin Sexton, and while he does have a great three-point shot, he's not someone who needs to take shots to make a difference on the court. He'd play well with Sexton and would help cover up some of his issues on defense. He's not as good as Dunn defensively but he's good enough.

Corey Kispert

The Question we have to ask about Corey Kispert is easy; is his offensive good enough to make up for his bad defense? He's a great three point shooter and can score inside when called upon, but he's a bad peremiter player on defense. Maybe the right coach and scheme can unlock his defensive minded prowess but until that happens, you have to make sure he can give you more offensively than he costs you defensively.

Next. Forget Kyle Kuzma, the Utah Jazz should trade for Deni Avdija. Forget Kyle Kuzma, the Utah Jazz should trade for Deni Avdija. dark