3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz
Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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Toronto Raptors

Gradey Dick

It's unlikely that the Toronto Raptors give up on Gradey Dicks o fast but we've seen teams trade rookies before, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. With uncertainty around where the Jazz is going in the immediate future, maybe getting Dick would help them long-term.

Gary Trent Jr.

If the Jazz do move on from Jordan Clarkson, Grary Trent Jr. could be an upgrade. He's a better three-point shooter and he isn't as bad on defense as Clarkson. He's not the same type of player, he doesn't create his own shot like Clarkson does but he isn't awful with the ball in his hand either. There's a trade-off of what you're getting here, but Trent is far better than Clark off-ball.

Jakob Poeltl

A strong, defensive-minded center? Of course, we're interested. The Utah Jazz should take an NHL approach to their centers and treat them like goalies; meaning you want two top-line guys who can play similarly, allowing you to rotate them in and out as needed. Jakob Poeltl can be that guy who compliments Walker Kessler. He's a great rebounder and shot-blocker and will give the Jazz a deadly one-two-punch.