3 players from every losing team that would improve the Utah Jazz

What player from the worst teams in the NBA could help the Utah Jazz

Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz
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San Antonio Spurs

Zach Collins

A good all-around offensive big, Zach Collins is the perfect guy for the Utah Jazz to chase after. He's good enough on defense that if you need to over Kelly Olynyk, he can take over that position on the team, and he's versatile enough on offense that Olynyk's absence won't be felt. He's not as good of a shooter as Olynyk, but Collins can toughen up the team some.

Doug McDermott

The Spurs don't have a lot of guys worth sinking picks and money into but of all the guys that make sense, who are likely on the move, Doug McDermott is someone that fills a hole. He's an excellent three-point shooter, and overall scorer but that's about all he can offer a team. Defensively he's going to cost you, but the hope is that he can do enough offensively to balance that out.

Cedi Osman

The Spurs have a potential gem in Cedi Osman, he's got great vision, can score when given a chance and when he's actually allowed to play minutes he can be a force. He's not great defensively but his point-forward tendencies more than make up for that.