3 players who could be additions by subtractions for the Utah Jazz

These three players would be better off anywhere else than with the Utah Jazz.
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John Collins

When John Collins arrived with the Utah Jazz in exchange for Rudy Gay and a 2nd-round draft pick, it was an automatic win for the Jazz. He was an instant upgrade over Gay and his ability to pull down a near double-double a night hasn't gone unnoticed. That said, he's not doing anything between scoring and rebounding.

He's not passing well, his defense is awful and he's often times out of position on any number of plays. He, like Jordan Clarkson, would do well coming off the bench with this type of production, but that's not what he's being asked to do. He's being asked to be the third-best player on the Jazz. And like Clarkson, is being paid too much to not be.

The difference with Clarkson is that Clarkson has an obvious role he's not being utilized in, that's not the same for Collins. Collins is someone who, like Lauri Markkanen before him, has largely been seen as an untapped fountain of potential. He is someone who could emerge into an All-Star-like player if he were to be used correctly. But what is "correct" for Collins?

Clearly, the Jazz don't know, which is why he's on the trade block right now. The Jazz would love to keep the likes of Clarkson and Collins but their salaries and lack of a desire to play off the bench have made it clear that neither man will be here long term. And the team may be better off going with Kelly Olynyk or even rookie Taylor Hendricks at the power forward spot for the remainder of the year.

Collins hasn't missed many games, but when he has it seems like the Jazz can' lose and if that trend holds true, trading him is a no-brainer.

Utah Jazz Rumor: John Collins could be traded this season; and we're fine with that. dark. Next. Utah Jazz Rumor: John Collins could be traded this season; and we're fine with that