3 players who could be additions by subtractions for the Utah Jazz

These three players would be better off anywhere else than with the Utah Jazz.
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The Utah Jazz are in a weird place where a few key players may actually help the team win; if they play for another team. The Jazz is proving once again that chemistry and fit are far more important than a unique, individual skillset. And the Jazz have too many players on their team that only do one thing really well, and then nothing else.

That isn't good for the Jazz, and their long-term viability. In fact, that isn't good for their short-term viability either. The team may need to rid themselves of several key players if they want to get better instantly and we think we found the three players that may help another team but are holding back the Utah Jazz.

Talen Horton-Tucker

The biggest issue for Talen Horton-Tucker isn't his lack of assets, as he has the most of anyone on the list. He can pass, play defense, and even rebound. The problem comes with Horton-Tucker is that the one thing he doesn't do well is the one thing he does too much off; shoot. He's one of the worst scorers in the NBA and he's often times one of, if not the top attempts guy on the team. He takes too many shots.

On the flip side, he doesn't excel so well on defense like a Kris Dunn or Patrick Beverly type, where you can stomach the shots missed, as he'll cause as many or more on the other end. He's a good defender, but he's not a great defender, and with the shot attempts he takes, he has to be a great, or better defender to balance out the misses he causes.

He's taking minutes away from Kris Dunn, who is everything Horton-Tucker is, just a few years old and better on defense. So removing Horton-Tucker from the roster may finally allow Dunn to get the minutes he deserves.