3 most disappointing players from the Utah Jazz this season

These three players disappointed us the most this season.
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John Collins

John Collins didn't have a bad season with the Utah Jazz. Not compared to his career averages. He was just under his career average in points (CA: 15.7, S: 15.1), over his career average in rebounds (CA: 8.1, S: 8.5), while finishing close to his career average in shooting percentage (CA: .548, S: .532), and posted a higher three-point shot than his career average (CA: .358/S: .371). By all accounts, offensively, not only was Collins better than his prior two seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, but he was everything we had hoped for.

Offensively. Sadly, there are two sides to an NBA court. This was easily the worst season of his career on that end of the court. He was lost, didn't rotate, couldn't close out on perimeter shooters, and oftentimes let Walker Kessler alone to deal with cutting guards and forwards who drove to the paint. Due to all of this, his defensive rating is the worst of his career, sporting a 121, seven points higher than his 114 average.

His defensive box plus-minus was the second worst of his career, posting a -1.4, with only his -1.9 from 2018-2019 being worse. It's clear that while Collins rebounded as many hoped he would, he never grasped the defensive schemes the way Will Hardy had hoped for, making this one of the biggest disappointments of the season.