3 most disappointing players from the Utah Jazz this season

These three players disappointed us the most this season.
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Walker Kessler

Walker Kessler will likely have a long and successful career, but it'd be fair to say that he disappointed fans this season. Granted, his rookie season was so good that a little regression wasn't unexpected. Sometimes that happens, it's dubbed the sophomore slump and it happens to a lot of pros. Still, Kessler didn't have a great season, at least offensively.

He played in fewer games, took fewer shots, made fewer shots, and scored fewer points. Part of this inconsistent play comes down to how Will Hardy managed him, making how he managed him one of the biggest issues of Hardy's second season, but Kessler still didn't impress people on that end of the court. He didn't hit with the accuracy from around the basket a man of his size and ability should hit, and while he was a heck of a rim-runner if he wasn't moving towards the basket, he wasn't able to get a shot to fall with any consistency.

Defensively he was everything this season he was last season, and he was only really held back by the talent around him in that regard. Though his lack of improvement from year to year was disappointing we're still optimistic he can figure it out.