3 most disappointing players from the Utah Jazz this season

These three players disappointed us the most this season.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Jordan Clarkson

There are few players on the Utah Jazz who disappointed like Jordan Clarkson. After his performances in the FIBA World Cup, a lot of people had Clarkson as a Top 20, if not a Top 15 shooting guard for the Utah Jazz. They had him over some big names, and the belief was that he could come in and give the Utah Jazz a 20+ point per game scorer.

That's not who they got.

Instead, they got a guard who had a career-low shooting percentage from the floor, a career-low three-point shooting percentage, his second-worst true shooting season, his worst offensive box plus-minus of his career, his worst defensive box plus-minus of his career, his worst box plus-minus of his career and his worst VORP (value over replacement) of his career.

Clarkson has never been this bad on either end of the court, and it got so bad that he would end up losing his starting spot. He has some value still as a scorer off the bench for the right team, but at his price point and what he just did in 2023-2024, it's going to be hard to get much for him. His season is truly a disappointment and at 31, he's unlikely to have a massive resurgence.