3 fringe Utah Jazz players that should be back next season

The Utah Jazz have a few fringe guys that deserve a shot next season.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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Johnny Juzang

Of all the players that the Utah Jazz have that are fringe guys, especially fringe guys who can help the team next season, there are none more sure-fire than Johnny Juzang. Juzang really showcased his value, hitting 46% of his shots from the field, as well as 41.6% from the three-point line. His shot fell and fell often, especially after he started playing more toward the end of the season.

He's likely to get another go of it as the team really likes him and with his shot, why wouldn't you? You want to see a better free throw shot from him (just 71%) but that may improve with more time on the court. It's easy to have a bad free throw figure when you don't really take a lot of shots from the line in the first place. Made even worse when you're not someone who goes to the free-throw line in the first place (less than one per game).

The other aspect you want to see be better is his on-ball defense. He didn't look great at times. He did get beat a few times but we like to chalk this up mostly to a bad overall set of defensive players around him. He may not be a good defender, but he was made to look worse due to the quality of the players around him.

As a scorer, he's a pretty safe bet and if you give him more time, he may just prove any faith in him right. The biggest issue against him is really just a lack of time to truly evaluate his skills.