3 fringe Utah Jazz players that should be back next season

The Utah Jazz have a few fringe guys that deserve a shot next season.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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Kenneth Lofton

The same need for Micah Potter is the same need for Kenneth Lofton, the Utah Jazz need more stability at the center position. Potter can line up inside at center or hang back as a three-and-D power forward but he's not going to control any aspect of the game. Kenneth Lofton on the other hand can.

He's a rebounding machine who can hit from seemingly all three levels, in the paint, from mid-range, and if needed, three-point land. He excels mostly from inside the paint, however, hitting 60% of his shots and averaging most of his 14 points per game from inside the paint. He's a human wrecking ball. With Potter, we're talking about him maybe getting time if needed. With Lofton, we think he should be the team's number two big behind Walker Kessler.

Lofton should be getting 20-odd minutes a night, as he's that reliable. He's a tremendous player, with not just fantastic scoring and rebounding but also tremendous passing. The only issue with him, that we think is holding back teams from giving him a shot, is his height. He's only 6'6 and for a center that's pretty short.

It seems tot be the only thing holding him back, so hopefully the Jazz can see past that minor blip.