3 bad defenders the Utah Jazz need to part ways with this offseason

The Utah Jazz need to move on from these three defenders.
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Brice Sensabaugh

If we're at a point where we can say things like "Keyonte George has a lot of upside offensively" and "Taylor Hendricks may just turn into a dynamic defender", then we're also at a place where we can say Brice Sensabaugh isn't what we thought he was. Now, there will be some up in arms about giving up on him after year one, but that's what the Jazz just did with Ochai Agbaji, who got dealt in year two to the Toronto Raptors.

Agbaji is a better defender than Sensabaugh to boot. There are only so many minutes and so many spots available for next season, so if the goal really is to make major strides this offseason with the talent they have, while also looking to draft (possibly) three new players, maybe sign someone and hopefully make a trade or two, then the Jazz has make a cut. Sensabaugh has not shown anything on either side of the ball, let alone defensively, that makes me think he's going to be the piece the team needs to get over the hump.

He very well could be a great talent, but after what we've seen this year, the Jazz has to make a conscious decision on whether or not he's worth holding on to as you look to upgrade the team. His defense has been awful, he can't stay in front of guys, he's often out of place and he just doesn't seem to have the same physicality or awareness as someone like Hendricks.

Maybe a different team can unlock his potential.