3 bad defenders the Utah Jazz need to part ways with this offseason

The Utah Jazz need to move on from these three defenders.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Jordan Clarkson

We've hit a point with Jordan Clarkson where he truly has become one of the worst players on the team. Always a defensive deficit type of player, we're now seeing Clarkson struggle to score. That was the only redeeming aspect of his game, now he struggles to do that. Considering most of his offense was based on ball-handling and ISO, at least back when, Clarkson declining as he's getting a touch bit slower on the court isn't shocking.

He can't help the Jazz win any longer, as they need him to be a Top 5 guy on a team still. He's not that guy anymore, but he may be able to help a team that's struggling with bench scoring and already has a reliable two-way sixth man to bank on. A team that needs some extra bench scoring would do well to get Clarkson, just as long as they don't need him to be a defensive option because he's not.

He can't play more than 18 or 20 minutes a game anymore without becoming a liability. Other teams are keying on him on defense, and we saw that most recently with the Dallas Mavericks, who sent their best scorers at him all night, or so it seemed. Clarkson has to go if the team is going to get better.