3 aging stars who could give the Utah Jazz a much needed boost

The Utah Jazz should consider these three players to start next season.
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Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is a case of both being underrated and overrated at the same time. Once a top 15 player in the NBA, injuries have sapped him of his quickness and agility. No longer as good as he used to be, especially on defense, Klay Thompson's reputation has fallen off a bit.

But he's not a bad player by any means. He's not worth $40 (or even $30) million per year, but if he wants to come in for around $18 million a year, the Utah Jazz would be foolish not to go get him. He's not going to be the best perimeter guy anymore, posting a -1.5 defensive box plus-minus and only hitting 37.7%of his threes. But it's important to remember that for Thompson those are bad numbers.

Not for any other team's fourth-best starter. Thompson may not be what he once was, but if he's the fourth or fifth-best starter on the Utah Jazz in the 2024-2025 season, then he could give the team a decent defender on the perimeter on top of a skilled three-point shooter, who while not at his peak, is still a massive upgrade over what the Utah Jazz had this past season.