3 aging stars who could give the Utah Jazz a much needed boost

The Utah Jazz should consider these three players to start next season.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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DeMar DeRozan

The Utah Jazz would be lucky to land DeMar DeRozan in an offseason where they also landed two other players via trade, and assuming those two unnamed players are everything they're cracked up to be, pulling in DeRozan would be huge.

The hope for those trades is that the Jazz land a point guard and a stretch four, which would mean that a guy like DeRozan is actually the perfect fit for the team. If they're able to shore up their perimeter shooting, then the Jazz would pull off one of the biggest coups ever by landing the mid-range master, DeRozan.

Just two years removed from an MVP candidacy, he's not the guy you want to take on hopin to build your team around him, but he is the kind of guy who can be the perfect compliment to a trio of younger All-Star potential players. He doesn't have the best track record defensively and his three-point game is nonexistent, but he's a great fourth option for a serious title contender.

There are rumors that DeRozen could return to the Chicago Bulls on a two-year deal, worth around $80 million, and if that's the case, the Utah Jazz need not offer a deal. While he'd be perfect for the Jazz as a fourth option, not at $40 million per year.