3 aging stars who could give the Utah Jazz a much needed boost

The Utah Jazz should consider these three players to start next season.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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If rumors are true that the Utah Jazz are going to trade for some top talent this offseason, then what people are going to need to accept is that some key young players and draft picks are going to be gone in a matter of weeks. That's the nature of the NBA. Young guys like Keyonte George and maybe a few picks from the 2024 NBA Draft aren't going to be here anymore.

If means getting some core guys who can bolster the team around the likes of Lauri Markkanen, Collin Sexton, Walker Kessler, and hopefully Kris Dunn, great. What fans need to realize though that if the Jazz does land a few big names, that's likely going to deplete the depth the team has currently. This means the Jazz are going to have to find some guys who can not only fill holes that are created by these trades but can likely start.

It'll take probably a few key players to land just two All-Stars, not to mention salaries to match, so you're going to have some holes you need to fill. You're not going to just want to lean on just anyone to fill those spots. Certainly not rookies or the like. You're going to want some experienced veteran hands. Some guys who can compliment Markkanen, Sexton, and the others.

You're going to one some steady veterans on your team. So we looked through the list of free agents and we found a few guys, who while older and less productive, would be perfect fourth or fifth compliments on a playoff-caliber team.