2 things the Utah Jazz are doing well and 2 things they are not doing well

The Utah Jazz aren't totally hopeless, but they need to rectify a lot of things
Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz
Phoenix Suns v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are not a hopeless team after all. Despite being 7-13 on the season, they have not been truly terrible as their record suggests. We know their struggles on defense, but that can be rectified with a few key trades. But what about on offense?

Thanks to SCLDunk, who looked at the data, they found that the Jazz truly struggle with turnovers, which isn't a new stat, we all know that but also they're awful in scoring efficiency. According to them, the Jazz are just 27th in the league in field goal percentage, and we see that they're 21st in points per game. Not so shockingly enough, the Jazz are just 24th in true shooting percentage either.

Two big culprits are the often discussed Talen Horton-Tucker and Jordan Clarkson, who are 9th and 12th on the team in true shooting percentages. Despite this lack of effeciency, Clarkson is 2nd and Horton-Tucker is 6th in shots attempted for the Jazz. It really doesn't take a rocket sciencetist to see who's holding back the team.

Clarkson is also a big part of the reason for the Jazz leading the league in turnovers, as he's 13th in the league for most turnovers per game.

That said, SLCDunk found that the Jazz are actually a high-passing team, as they're 8th in the league in assists per game, and are a great rebounding team, coming in 2nd. They're also the top ranked team in offensive rebounds per game.

And considering the amount of misses the Jazz have on offense, that's not surprising. You're more likely to lead the league in offensive rebounding if you're also near the top (or bottom?) of the league in missed shots.

The Jazz need to move on from Clarkson as soon as he's eligible to be moved. He may not be the only problem on the team but he is a problem and arguably the biggest. It's still possible he can settle into a lesser role on the bench as a sixth man but as long as Utah Jazz head coach, Will Hardy, insists on playing him as the team's primary guard, the Jazz are not going to win.

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