2 pending Utah Jazz free agents to re-sign, two to not re-sign

What pending free agents should the team bring back?
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Players to not re-sign

The Utah Jazz need to consider the limited space of an NBA roster and opt to pass on a few guys. My belief is that this is a genuine playoff team with a piece or two missing and I'm not willing to sit back and wait even longer for this team to get competitive, not with the soon-to-be-expiring contract of Lauri Markkanen.

So it's time to stop worrying about the youngsters. That means that Luka Samanic and Kira Lewis are not going to be retained if I had my say.

Both youngsters looked good at times, especially Samanic. He played most of the season's final games over the last two years and did well at times. He looked good in transition, could pass, and was decent on offense, but his inconsistencies were holding him back. He wasn't able to be the type of player the Jazz needed consistently enough to believe he could be a reliable playoff contributor.

For Lewis, he's not without talent. He has solid handles and decent court vision but is not so good at either skill that it negates the fact that he can't shoot anything outside of 10' with any real consistency. Nor is he so solid or good at any other thing that you can't find a better option elsewhere.