2 pending Utah Jazz free agents to re-sign, two to not re-sign

What pending free agents should the team bring back?
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The Utah Jazz have a lot of expiring contracts this offseason, some of whom could reshape the future of the roster should they not be retained. Some of whom are interesting prospects with potential and others offer very little to warrant bringing them back. Figuring out which players should stay and go is a yearly occurrence for the world of pro sports teams, and the Utah Jazz are not immune from having to make the same decisions as other teams.

Meaning, they have to figure out what players are worth bringing back and what players aren't. It can be a difficult process, considering that what players come back will directly impact the amount of money the team has to spend, not to mention the direction the team is going.

If they don't bring back a key veteran or two, clearly this is a team rebuilding. If they focus on just the veterans, then then this is a team ready to start winning. If there's a mix, then maybe it's a sign that the team isn't sure which way to go just yet. We know this can be hard, so we're hoping to help the Utah Jazz figure out which guys to bring back and which ones not to.

This will not include any players who are on two-way contracts or have player and team options heading into the 2024 offseason. This is specifically for guys who need new deals with the team.