1 Reason why each current Utah Jazz rookie can succeed and 1 reason why they can't

The Utah Jazz's rookies have been inconsistent this season but are they truly capable of huge improvements?

San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz
San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz drafted Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, and Brice Sensabaugh in the 2023 NBA Draft, and come to the end of the season, they will no longer be rookies. They'll be second-year players who will be leaned on more and more in the upcoming season and beyond. They are key factors in what happens next for the team. If the team believes they're capable of great success in the NBA, they'll be leaned on.

If they can't they may be traded while they still have value. However the Jazz handle them over the next few months will tell us all we need to know about, not only how they view the players, but what the Jazz intend on doing long-term.

Each player is still a work in progress, with highs and lows that we've seen this season. Each player has something about them that may lead them to success, while they have something about them that may hinder their development after a near-season's worth of observation, we're going to look at all three men and the reason why they can and can't succeed in the NBA.

Taylor Hendricks

Why He'll Succeed: Defensive Versatility

The Utah Jazz may have something special in Hendricks, as he's versatile as heck on defense. He can guard inside and out, giving him a unique value to the Jazz, as they are desperate for a player of his talents.

Why He Won't: Offensive Limitation

As good as he is on defense, he's shown to be very ineffective and at times unsure of himself on offense. He's now a powerful enough guy inside to clang and bang with other NBA bigs, and his shot isn't developed enough to rely on him pulling up for a jumper or sitting out for a three.

Keyonte George

Why He'll Succeed: Athletic

George's first step is very impressive. Not many people are as quick as he is, and due to that George can open up passing lanes, or find his shot far easier than others. It's one of his most redeeming qualities.

Why He Won't: Inconsistent scoring

While George is fast and can beat his defender off the dribble, his inability to sustain a steady shot and increasing turnover rate is something to be worried about. We see this all the time with athletic stars who don't develop the fundamentals to stick around in the league, let alone become a reliable starter.

Brice Sensabaugh

Why He'll Succeed: Perimeter Potential

If Sensabaugh can develop his perimeter skillset, then he may end up becoming one of the most reliable guys on the roster, which is something they're clearly hoping for, which is why they likely traded Ochai Agbaji.

Why He Won't: Ineffective Play at the NBA Level

Between all three rookies, Senseabaugh is the one who looks the most out of place on an NBA roster. He's unable to get in front of other offensive players and defensively he's a walking liability.