The Utah Jazz need to consider this recently released NBA veteran

Danny Green blocks Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Danny Green blocks Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Utah Jazz need help on defense, and Danny Green could be that guy.

The Utah Jazz are a squad with some massive holes, and maybe no more obvious than that of their defense. Will Hardy, the Utah Jazz’s head coach, has not put together a good defensive plan through the first six games, resulting in them having the worst-rated defense in the league while giving up some of the most points per game so far this year.

Part of the issue is the inconsistent use of guys like Kris Dunn, Ochai Agbaji and Walker Kessler, the other issue is the fact the team doesn’t have a lot of guys who can even play defense. At least good defense.

The team needs to upgrade the lineup and if the Jazz aren’t willing to go get someone like Alex Caruso, then the team needs to scour the free-agent market and bring some guys in. Guys who know what they’re doing, someone like Danny Green.

Green is an older player, already 36 years old and near the end of his career, but he’s still someone who can help the defense out. He shouldn’t really even be available, but the Philadelphia 76ers needed to move on from him after the James Harden trade.

They brought in a whole heap of new guys in the trade, and while combined they aren’t as good as Harden, the team wanted to be done with the malcontent and historical choke artists that is Harden. Green ended up getting cut due to the team not having any other spots left.

He’s played fine, so it’s not like he was cut because he was stinking up the joint, he simply had one of the easiest contracts to terminate. And the 76ers loss is the Jazz’s potential gain.

The Jazz need wings who can defend, and they someone who’s long like Green, something the Jazz really don’t have at shooting guard or small forward, outside of Lauri Markkanen. Who, if we’re being honest, is not someone you want guarding the likes of Kevin Durant.

Green helps the Jazz get closer to their goal on defense and needs to be a name the team seriously considers.

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