The 2023-2024 Utah Jazz season guide preview

Will Hardy of the Utah Jazz.
Will Hardy of the Utah Jazz. /
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Everything you need to know about the upcoming Utah Jazz’s season for the 2023-2024 NBA Calendar

The Utah Jazz season is here; it’s time to get wild. The squad is filled with a crop of good, young talent and a few veterans who, with the right coaching and scheming could have an awe-inspiring season. This is a team that could shock the NBA.

And it’s also a team that could fall short of the expectations that have been laid on their shoulders. With the Utah Jazz, it’s impossible to say where this team will and should finish. They could be a top-six lottery team or a top-six playoff team. Only time will tell.

But with that, let’s take a look at the players who you should be keeping an eye on the most for the upcoming season.

The Players to Watch

Top Dog – Lauri Markkanen

If you’re new to the Utah Jazz fandom, the top player on the team right now is Lauri Markkanen. He was an underperforming lottery pick for the Chicago Bulls before he found a new role in Cleveland with the Cavaliers and while his per-game wasn’t impressive, his play was. Arriving in Utah ahead of the 2022-2023 season, Markkanen emerged as the team’s best scorer, averaging over 25 points per game on wicked good efficiency, and earning his first All-Star appearance. Now he’ll look to repeat that success in his second year with the franchise.

Sixth Man Candidate – Kelly Olynyk/Collin Sexton

The man coming off the bench looking to cause chaos is going to likely be one of two (three) men. Kelly Olynyk is the most dynamic of the bench players, but big men aren’t given as much love for the award as guards, and the top guard off the bench for the Utah Jazz, at least for scoring purposes is Collin Sexton; or Jordan Clarkson depending on how the roster shakes out. The combo could be high-powered if used properly, and while the Jazz’s second unit may not have the best defenders (aside from Kris Dunn), they should be able to at least keep pace with scoring.

Defensive Dynamo – Walker Kessler

If you’re not familiar with Walker Kessler, 2023 will prove to be a year where he could really solidify his spot in the NBA and do some damage. He’s an early contender for the Defensive Player of the Year Award and could easily be an NBA All-Defensive team member.