This Collin Sexton trade idea would be all the team needs for a playoff push

Utah Jazz, Collin Sexton trade ideas.
Utah Jazz, Collin Sexton trade ideas. /

This Collin Sexton trade idea would set the Utah Jazz up for success in 2023-2024.

It’d be fair to say that it’s hard to impress us when it comes to trades involving the Utah Jazz. A lot of bad takes pop up and you’re left wondering what the point of the offer was, other than to fleece one team and give to the other. That’s not the scenario here, however.

Courtesy of NBA Analysis, we have a trade that is very intriguing and helps resolve some issues. First, it involves the Utah Jazz trading Collin Sexton, and in this scenario, it’s to the Milwaukee Bucks. In exchange the Bucks send back big Bobby Portis, guard and former Jazz player Grayson Allen, and two second-round draft picks, one in 2024 and one in 2027.

And frankly, this is a great trade idea for the Jazz. With Sexton’s uncertainty going forward, and his contract not having been extended yet, swapping Sexton out for Portis and Allen is a great idea. While the Jazz will lose some play-making that won’t be easy to replace, they’re getting back two guys that bolster the defense off the bench and in the starting lineup.

Portis, who averaged 14 points and nearly 10 rebounds last year off the bench, is aggressive, if not limited in his skills when it comes to defense. Putting him behind John Collins and Walker Kessler, and you get yourself a guy who can out-rebound most starters. Not only that but you can now be more free with Kelly Olynyk and how you use him, or, you can simply take him, Talen Horton-Tucker, and upgrade the point guard position through a trade.

Allen is a good wing defender, who’s capable of dropping 10+ points a night while shooting nearly 40% from three. Depending on what you do with Jordan Clarkson, you could easily start Clarkson, Allen, Lauri Markkanen, Collins, and Kessler, giving you a dynamic starting five. A five that looks as balanced on offense as they could be on defense. On paper anyway.

The move for the Bucks works for a number of reasons as well. Firstly, it gives the star of the team, Giannis Antetokounmpo, a younger, play-making guard that he can rely on.  While he has to prove he can stay healthy, he has proven that he can get buckets and that is something that Antetokounmpo needs around him.

Not only does it give the Bucks a very good mid-range scorer, but it gives the Bucks youth, something the team desperately needs. At only 24 years old, Sexton would be one of the better, younger players the Bucks have. the longevity of the team is highly important to Antetkounmpo, and getting a younger running buddy may help stymie talks of Antetkounmpo.

To be clear, Sexton alone does not make the Greek Freak stay in Milwaukee, but he’s a nice first domino in the process.

This is a great trade for both squads, and it would be a smart move to do for both squads.

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