7 Difference-makers the Utah Jazz signed past their prime

Rudy Gay, Utah Jazz Credit: Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports
Rudy Gay, Utah Jazz Credit: Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports /
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Utah Jazz Raja Bell
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Raja Bell (2010)

Raja Bell had two different stints with the Utah Jazz over the course of his career. But it’s the second stint that we’re going to key on here. After hitting his peak with the Phoenix Suns (ironically after two productive and encouraging seasons with the Jazz), Bell spent time with Charlotte and Golden State before electing to sign a three-year contract with Utah during the 2010 offseason. However, for more reasons than one, his return to the Jazz didn’t exactly go as planned.

Bell was far from the productive two-way player that he was previously at his peak and his relationship with the Jazz organization took a turn for the worse. So much so that he remained away from the team during the 2021-13 season, ultimately being waived by the Jazz after not being moved at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Bell would not play in the NBA again and would officially retire from the league shortly after. Bell was another great undrafted success story in the NBA and I can’t help but wonder if Utah somewhat regrets bringing Bell back for a second stint knowing how it all ended between the two sides.