Every national game the Utah Jazz have for the upcoming 2023-2024 season

Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz -(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz -(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /

The Utah Jazz will be on the national schedule eight times this season.

The Utah Jazz are a little more than two months away from tip-off. Oct. 25 marks the date on the calendar when the Jazz will formally start the 2023-2024 regular season, with the Jazz taking on the Sacramento Kings to start things off. The Kings will mark one of the first, truly good, teams the Jazz have all year.

But that game will only be seen by those in the Sacramento or Salt Lake City markets. It’s not a game that will feature within the national spotlight, but good news for the Jazz fans who live out of state and have a hard time watching them regularly; the team has eight national games.

For the sake of things, we’re referring to any game as a “national game” if it appears on a cable network in a prime spot. This means that ESPN, NBA TV, And TNT will all be considered. We have the complete schedule up, but for those interested in those featured games, here’s the schedule;

  • Nov. 17 vs. Suns (8 PM MST – ESPN/Tournament Game)
  • Nov. 19 vs. Suns (6 PM MST – NBA TV)
  • Nov. 21 @ Lakers (8 PM MST – TNT/Tournament Game)
  • Dec. 16 @. Kings (8:00 PM MST – NBA TV)
  • Dec. 21 @ Pistons (5:00 PM MST – NBA TV)
  • Feb. 12 vs. Warriors (- NBA TV)
  • Mar. 2 @ Heat (3:00 PM MST – NBA TV)
  • Mar. 15  vs. Hawks (7:30 PM MST – NBA TV)

As you can see, the Jazz has no nationally broadcasted games in October, January, or April, and all but three of them will end up stuck on NBA TV. While NBA TV isn’t anything to sneeze at, the goal is to get on TNT. That’s the outlet with the best coverage and the best pre and post-game content.

ESPN is fine, but their new lineup of NBA announcers didn’t get many people excited for their slate of games.

Still, it’s good to see the Jazz get as many games as they did on national broadcasts. All eight of those games should still be available for the local Salt Lake City market.

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