3 trade ideas the Utah Jazz absolutely need to pass on

Lauri Markkanan is playing at an all star level. (Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images)
Lauri Markkanan is playing at an all star level. (Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images) /
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The Utah Jazz are once again seeing some awful pitches for trades.

It’s not that shocking at all to see people pitching trades for the Utah Jazz. Granted, every team is a subject of arm-chair GM’ing but the Jazz seem to take the cake right now. They’re a team that is both moving forward and capable of selling off even more of their assets. It really all depends on which way Danny Ainge and the Jazz want to go in.

If they go in a full rebuild, then guys like Kelly Olynyk, Talen Horton-Tucker, and others could be traded; including but not limited to Lauri Markkanen. They also have the assets that if they decided they’re ready to start competing again, they can start making big swings in the trade market.

There’s really no other team in the league that is on the cusp of buying and selling simultaneously as the Jazz. This means fans wanting to stretch their NBA general manager muscles can’t find a better team to tinker around with. Unfortunately, the trades we found today are all “unnecessary”.

Either they’re trades that don’t make sense to make now or don’t make sense at all. We’re not against trades, nor are we against trading away our better players if the deal and the methodology make sense. You don’t want to end up like some teams in other sports who are just trading to trade.

Nor do you want to trade a piece too soon, or too late. So it’s important that you get the trade right and we don’t feel these trades capture that mindset.

Each trade is courtesy of NBA Analysis.net.