3 former Utah Jazz players we’re rooting for to succeed this season

Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert
Utah Jazz, Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gobert /
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We’re rooting for these three players, even though they’re not members of the Utah Jazz anymore.

The Utah Jazz have seen men come and go from their starting lineup just like every team in the NBA, and just like every team in the NBA, some guys matter more to the fandom than others. Some guys leave and a hole in the fandom’s heart never fully heals. Other guys who leave, leave on good terms but find themselves struggling due to injuries or declining play.

It can be hard to see your favorite leave, but that doesn’t mean you stop rooting for them. Sure, the Jazz should be the team you want to win every game, but just because you want your team to win, doesn’t mean you want everyone else to suffer. That’s just not the case, or at least that shouldn’t be the case.

So when the Jazz play teams this year with former players, we want those guys to win. We want them to be healthy and play well. We just prefer they’re healthy and playing well when the Jazz aren’t in town. If they’re not playing the Utah Jazz, we’re hoping the ex-Jazz stars are doing great. Dropping dimes and destroying competition.

We still love these players, especially these three, as they’ve gone through some trying times since leaving. So, with that, let’s see what three players we’re hoping play very well this year.

Just not too well when it’s against the Jazz.