Utah Jazz young guard made available in trade talks

Collin Sexton, Utah Jazz (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)
Collin Sexton, Utah Jazz (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) /

The Utah Jazz made the move in the offseason to depart from star guard Donovan Mitchell and press the rebuild button. As part of the trade to send Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah acquired former lottery pick Collin Sexton in a sign-and-trade deal.

Now, the Jazz may be looking to make changes in the backcourt yet again.

Collin Sexton made available in trade talks

On Tuesday, reports suggested that the Jazz are fielding calls on Sexton and gauging value on the guard.

Sexton only played in 48 games for the Jazz this season and started 15. Despite a career-low year averaging 14.3 points, 2.9 assists, and 2.2 rebounds, the 24-year-old proved he still has a lot to give in the right situation.

Although the former Alabama standout struggled at times in Will Hardy’s system, the young bull could thrive on a contending team. With his defensive tenacity and potential to continue to develop his offensive game, Sexton could be a steal for a team looking for help at the guard position.

With Utah putting the combo guard on the trade market, it all but confirms the reports that the team is pursuing a point guard in the draft, with all signs pointing to Anthony Black from Arkansas as the target. Regardless of whether Black is the answer or not, come Thursday night, Utah will still likely look to bring in their point guard of the future through the draft. A sign as to why the team is looking to move Sexton.

Not only is the team’s desire to bring in another guard for the backcourt a reason to test Sexton’s value, but the veteran is currently the highest paid player on the Jazz roster with the four-year, $70 million contract he signed in the offseason. If the team was able to move away from his contract, their cap space moving forward would allow them to be even more aggressive in free agency or trade talks if a star becomes available.

Nonetheless, the Jazz won’t give Sexton away for nothing. While they’re open to moving the guard, it’s likely the Jazz are just as open to keeping the SEC product.